Artificial intelligence for Reviews

Chattermill applies artificial neural networks to customer feedback that learn from your data and help you make more customer centric decisions.

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Key Challenges in Reviews

Mind map

Uncover the Reasons Behind Ratings

Understand the why behind customer reviews by analysing customer feedback at scale to optimise experiences.

Negative dynamic

Measure Impact of Ratings

Discover how different themes effect overall review scores and business performance to increase advocacy.

Sales performance

Increase Profitability

Boost downloads and increase sales by driving up ratings through personalised experiences.

How we help

Powerful Insights

We use cutting edge technology to analyse customer feedback to identify insights and enhance your customer experience management.

Boost App Store Ratings

Listen to what your customers want by pinpointing specific problems on customer journey to optimise experiences.

Reduce Acquisition Costs

Boost ratings and review scores to reduce advertising spend, increase conversion rates and drive SEM performance.


Categorization and Sentiment Analysis

We use machine learning to learn what your customers are talking about and how they feel about their experiences.

We do not use generic themes, all training samples are tailor made from your customer feedback. Our algorithms then process customer feedback in real time.

  • Multiple tags per comment.
  • A sentiment for every tag
  • As many themes as you need
  • Works with multiple languages
  • An algorithm that constantly becomes better learning from our trained customer experience specialists
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Customer experience prioritisation

Uncover the most important data-driven insights on the areas that impact customer experiences the most. Turn customer experience into competitive advantage..

  • Find areas demanding attention
  • Understand your key growth drivers
  • Insight for the company and each team
  • For data driven product teams
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Advanced Segmentation

Cut through the noise and get to the centre of the issues of your customer experiences. Create, track and analyse custom metrics through our intuitive dashboard to create more of the experiences your customers love.

  • Create custom metrics
  • See how different teams impact NPS scores
  • Understand the impacts of KPI's on CX
  • Compare different customer segments
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Works across channels

Every piece of feedback counts. We aggregate it all to make sure your insight is complete. We can help you collect feedback via Email, on the website or integrate with your existing systems

  • Net Promoter Score
  • Customer Support
  • Reviews
  • CSAT
  • Social
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Multi channel

Other Features

Feedback Navigator

Easily search through original customer comments

Personalised Dashboard

Choose the right metrics for each teammate

Automated Status Updates

Receive regular emails with the most important metrics

Detractor Alerts

Automatically create support tickets for each detractor

Multiple Languages

We process feedback across languages and markets

Enterprise Grade

We have built our system on the highest security and stability standards

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