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by Jack Miller on 15 Nov 2017

This infographic will show you why you should start analysing customer reviews to boost growth, loyalty and better customer engagement.

Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews

Negative reviews are not as bad a problem as you may think when you view them as opportunities to improve your customer experience, and research has shown that showing a mixture of positive and negative reviews actually helps boost conversions and engagement metrics.The problem begins when it comes to building a system to deal with the flow of reviews and other channels of customer feedback. When analysis just leads to more analysis, the option to just ignore customer feedback altogether sounds like a better solution.

The key objective for companies is to move from data to action and to understand their customer behaviour - that fundamental hasn’t changed for a long time despite an increasing amount of data and channels to capture and analyse behaviour as well as the fact that it’s now harder to gain competitive advantage from data as it becomes more common across companies. But those at the head of the pack, who understand the power of data, outperform competitors by 2-3x on revenue by creating new value for customers at every touchpoint that matters using high quality customer data as their engine.

Giving your customers a voice at every stage of the journey is critical and analysing post experience feedback such as reviews are key to building a single view of your customers. Reviews provide key insights into where companies should focus and optimise to boost growth and loyalty, they hold much more potential than just SEO gains.

Having a system in place to handle individual reviews whether positive or negative, as well aggregating and analysing the overall picture that customer reviews provide will lead to a range of benefits for companies. Here are the most important things you should know about customer reviews and why you should start analysing them to get ahead of the pack.

Reviews Analytics Infographic

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    Jack Miller

    As a CX Analyst, I work with companies designing their customer journeys to ensure they are both comprehensive and accurate. Applying cross sector best practices and an understanding of each business’s unique relationship with their customer base, I focus on identifying what elements need to be put in place to take each organisation from their current level of customer understanding to a best in class understanding of all customers.