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by Jack Miller on 11 Oct 2016

Learn how to make better use of your existing data to boost Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Advocacy for your company using cutting edge tech to gain insights.

Data Driven CSAT boosts Advocacy
Data Driven CSAT boosts Advocacy

Increasing and measuring Customer Satisfaction is a priority for most companies, and yet how to acheive and maintain best in class levels of support remains unclear for the majority of Customer Support teams. With increasing amounts of technology available to companies that make use of existing data, this challenge can only get harder.

Crucial to improving customer loyalty, satisfaction and advocacy is understanding their dynamic behaviour in real time. At Chattermill we believe companies should know their customers thoughts at all times of the journey.

The great news is that by applying technology to existing data channels, companies can boost Customer Satisfaction. In this report, you’ll learn what the key factors are to focus on when it comes to building customer advocacy and why taking a digital approach will boost satisfaction.

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    Jack Miller

    As a CX Analyst, I work with companies designing their customer journeys to ensure they are both comprehensive and accurate. Applying cross sector best practices and an understanding of each business’s unique relationship with their customer base, I focus on identifying what elements need to be put in place to take each organisation from their current level of customer understanding to a best in class understanding of all customers.