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by Sam Frampton on 31 Jul 2018

The best tools to collect customer feedback

Gather feedback easily with these tools
Gather feedback easily with these tools

When it comes to providing top-tier CX, the first step is obvious: collection.

You need to be able to keep a finger on the pulse of how your customers are feeling. That means conducting frequent NPS surveys, but also a little more. Your NPS score is just the raw data, the “what.” You also need to know the “why?”

There are countless tools that you could trust with the data collection you need to start designing a killer CX program, but here are a few of the best.



Over 20,000 users worldwide use Usabilla to gather continual feedback from their users. It’s a particular favourite of ours, and we look forward to attending their event Usabilla Exchange later this year.

Usabilla enables you to collect native feedback in-app, email or website in real time providing intuitive insights. The continuous stream of feedback is an excellent way for your customer to interact with your product. A standout feature of Usabilla is the ability for users to send screenshots along with their feedback making it much easier to understand user’s concerns.

Usabilla also provides an in-page widget that lies below content areas on your website to capture immediate feedback from customers. Offering a level of granularity above the competition. Discover what users think about a specific paragraph, images and other content areas to ensure you are delivering content that appeals to your audience.

Usabilla integrates with a whole bunch of tools and processes. From Scrum to Slack, adding Usabilla to the mix will enhance your existing CX toolkit, without disrupting it.


Survey Monkey

There’s a reason Survey Monkey boasts 25 million users and 90 million survey responses monthly. This San Mateo-based startup offers free, customizable surveys alongside an integratable suite of backend products that can handle data analysis, sample selection, bias elimination, data representation tools and more. Plus, Survey Monkey operates worldwide and is available in more than a dozen languages, so no matter where your company is based or does business, Survey Monkey is likely to be able to meet your data collection needs. Since 1999, the company has been steadily growing, reaching revenues in excess of $113 million yearly.

In addition to providing both free and multi-tier paid plans for individuals, Survey Monkey released large-scale options for enterprises in 2013, meaning you’re likely to find a plan — and a price point — that’s just right for your business’ size and needs. From data collection to brand management to consumer marketing, Survey Monkey really is an all-in-one tool that will meet and then exceed your expectations for collection. Countless Fortune 500 companies use Survey Monkey already to reach their customers, survey and get the data they need to design effective, high quality CX programs. Is it time for you to join them?



Typeform boasts that it “turns data collection into an experience,” so you know you’re using a company that values CX itself to design your own CX programs. That’s a good start.

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Typeform also serves users worldwide, so wherever your business is based or works, Typeform can help. The software that has been used by the likes of Apple, Airbnb, Uber and Nike to create dynamic forms based on user needs is also available to individuals and enterprises, with simple, affordable pricing structures and plans for all kinds of needs.

Unsure business owners can take Typeform for a test drive, using its free basic plan for surveys containing a maximum of 10 fields, and up to 100 responses. Businesses have two options for Pro and Pro+ plans — Pro for a single user and Pro+ for multiple users — and can choose to pay monthly or yearly.

While Survey Monkey has more users, Typeform is still a popular and useful tool. Its dynamic survey design is one of its most appealing qualities — it hides survey questions until the preceding answer has been recorded, encouraging better engagement through the survey. Better engagement equals better data, equals more opportunity to build the high quality CX your customers deserve.



Trusted by over 8,500 of the world’s leading brands and 99 of the top 100 business schools. Qualtrics is an online survey and questionnaire software company that boasts superior functionality than some of the other options on the list. It offers nearly 100+ question types, several readily made survey templates as well as features such as display logic, email triggers and logic branching.

It’s easy for users with little experience in survey design to get started quickly and create a professional looking survey ready to distribute to customers. Qualtrics can benchmark your company versus competitors, conduct complex academic research and delivers insights in real time. With Qualtrics you can build advanced-flow surveys, send them, and roll out organisation-wide results the same week. It should be noted that Qualtrics provides the option to engage customers on multiple medium including email, SMS, web, mobile app, wearables, and many more.



Established in 2012 Qualaroo is a survey tool that lets you quickly collect feedback directly from your customers, as they are browsing your site. Qualaroo claims it can boost your conversion rate and help capture qualitative insights that matter. It’s great for asking one or two questions while still being unobtrusive.

Qualaroo greatest strength is giving each customer a personalised web experience. Qualaroo will engage users intelligently by adapting it’s questioning based on actions taken by a user on a website or app. It’s also possible to target users based on how they landed on your site, by URL, campaign and more. Qualaroo boasts clients such as Trip advisor, Ebay, Twilio and Shopify.

The software is easy to implement with on your product or website with just a few lines of code. It does not require technical know-how, as you just copy and paste Javascript snippet to your website code.

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