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by Sam Frampton on 16 Aug 2018

How to start the cycle of Improvement

Chapter 4 NPS Guide
Chapter 4 NPS Guide

The following article is part of The Ultimate Guide to Net Promoter Score. The Net Promoter Score (NPS), is the world’s leading metric for measuring customer loyalty and happiness. In this article, we outline a step by step guide to improving your NPS score.


There are no shortcuts with NPS. Improving this metric is tough - it requires internal buy in and you won’t see results overnight. Start the cycle of improvement today. If you’re not asking for feedback you’re in trouble, to understand what customers want - you need to start speaking a language they know - their own.

How to start the cycle of improvement:

  1. Discover your baseline Net Promoter Score.
  2. Find patterns in the data.
  3. Get more data.
  4. Make an action plan based on the feedback - and act on it.
  5. Systemise throughout your company.

Discovering your baseline NPS score

It’s now time to launch an NPS survey. You can begin by sending out transactional surveys soon after an interaction with a customer, such as an email after a purchase, or after a self service experience on a website.

Some businesses choose to send out relational NPS survey on a rolling basis and like to stay up to date every day. Others launch one for a fixed time, close it, and launch a new one after they’ve taken an action based on the results of the previous survey. After collecting feedback you can begin to calculate your baseline NPS score.

Pay close attention to your responses and funnel detractors to customer support. If you have large volumes of feedback it’s possible to funnel feedback and complaints to teams automatically using AI!

Find Patterns

After analysing your results, you’ll learn what works for your customers and what doesn’t. If you’re a small business with less than 100 responses per survey, it’s possible to pinpoint themes and sentiments in the data and learn what does and doesn’t work for your customers.

If your company is receiving large volumes of feedback, it becomes an impossible task to learn what your customers are talking about and how they feel about their experiences at scale. It may be time to turn to advanced text analytic platforms to unlock data-driven insights from your feedback.

Using CX management technology to create bespoke theme structures and detect sentiment within feedback using machine learning to process data in real time. Advanced text analytic tools will highlight areas of the customer experience that demand the most attention. Making pinpointing customer pain points a quick and easy task.

Collect More Feedback

It’s essential to launch multiple feedback channels to maximise response rate to the NPS surveys. It would help if you offered surveys across both your desktop, mobile experiences, SMS messages and non-digital touch points. While you could create such tool in-house, we encourage firms to use collection tools that support feedback collection across a variety of user interfaces, such as solutions offered by Usabilla.

Don’t forget to get in touch with people who have churned and ask what made them churn, or why they switched to a competitor.

Always be sensitive to where you put your feedback channel. It shouldn’t interrupt the user’s experience, and it shouldn’t feel like a chore. Make it voluntary, short, and fun. Your data collection point is a touchpoint like any other and can make or break an impression of the brand.

Action Plan Based on Feedback

When you have enough feedback from all of your channels, it’s time to find out how to squash your bugs.

While teams spend much time looking at NPS detractors and how to address their pain points, it’s equally if not more so to spend time on promoters. Understanding what was different about their experiences to make them successful.

Finding correlations between specific customer experiences and NPS results (logins, delivery time, customer service, contact options) can help deduce what delights your customers and turn them into promoters. Then you can focus on optimising your customer experience and tracking NPS and Sentiment over time to get more of your customer base to this point. With the help of new advances in machine learning and text analytics, it is now quick and easy to chart specific themes and product features against NPS and Sentiment over time.

Systemise and Encourage Internal Buy In

Improving your customer experience is cyclical, not linear. That’s why the final stage is to systemize the process. Launch another NPS survey with the next cohort of customers. Take note of the improved score and report continuously in an easy and digestible way to share result company wide. Be sure to set up instant notifications of low scores so you can react in real time to a drop in NPS.

Remember to measure continuously over time to ensure a constant flow of data as it’s the only way to get the magical moments and optimise your customer experience.

You also want to the product, marketing, and customer support teams onboard because you never know where a good idea may come from. Converting unenthusiastic customers into loyal promoters will require a group effort and the best ideas often come from the unlikeliest of sources. It’s vital that everyone in your organisation understand what the Net Promoter Score is and why it’s important to improve it. Since enhancing your score means more promoters and happy customers.

Chattermill Solution

Collecting feedback gives you valuable insights regarding your customer’s journey. We understand that continued feedback may be challenging when it comes to analysis, especially to process data in a way that scales as data volumes grow.

To get the most out of your collected data, Chattermill helps you to get a better understanding of the most important topics your customers talk about using AI to interpret theme and sentiment analysis across unstructured feedback.

We tailor each area of feedback to how your business runs and ensure that we go into as much detail as is required for your business to effectively gain the insight you need so you can make the right decisions.

Contact [email protected] to find out more.

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