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Another important feature of the NPS is that it looks forward more than any other metric. At Transferwise as well across most of the companies we talk to, NPS is among the best predictors of word of mouth growth, activation rates, churn and lifetime values. Each team at Transferwise measures its impact on the company-wide NPS as one of their core KPIs.

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Airbnb takes customer experience very seriously. So they made it into a cornerstone of the company culture. This is a complicated process that requires a lot of courage and persistence from the management but here are a few tips on getting you started.

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It is not news that the most powerful marketing impression is a personal recommendation. Twice as many consumers trust a recommendation vs paid advertisement. Recommendations come from highly satisfied customers also known as Promoters. Turning more customers into Promoters boosts the number of times your company is recommended. This in turn fuels growth at very little cost to you.